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Oil and Gas Trade 101 Book website

Get All The Support & Guidance You Need To Be  A Success At Buying & Selling Petroleum Product, Oil & Gas Commodities. This Book Is One Of The Most Valuable Resources In The World When It Comes To Learning the Business of Buying and selling of petroleum products, Crude Oil & Gas commodities.

Oil & Gas Trade 101 is a book about Buying and Selling of petroleum products, crude oil and Gas commodities; it is written and designed to bridge the gap created by the near absence of text materials which comprehensively deals with the Down stream (refining, transportation and marketing) sector of the oil and Gas industry.

It is said that mental excellence is a splendid and lasting possession; so you can acquire the mental excellence, the knowledge that will enable you to trade petroleum product, crude oil and Gas commodities, from this book. And if you are already established, it is always good to look at things with new eyes; you can compare what you know with the information written in this book.

Oil & Gas Trade 101 chapters are arranged in order of increasing proficiency; which means that the skills you acquire in one chapter are used and developed in subsequent chapters.
If you are a novice or a trainee, hoping to make a career in the oil and Gas business, the knowledge you will acquire from this book will help you to develop a plan to impress future buyers or sellers, and you can hit the ground running in your first transaction; and If you are already established, it is always good to look at things with new eyes; you can compare what you know with what is written in this book.

Most of the people posing as Sellers, Buyers, Agents or Facilitator of oil and gas transactions, do not have the requisite knowledge of how to close an oil and or Gas deal; most of them are time wasters. Oil and Gas Trade 101 will help you to understand the intrinsic details involved in the buying and selling of Petroleum product, crude oil and Gas related commodities.

 In this book, you will
 I. Distinguish crude oil and Gas.
 II. Distinguish types of Crude Oil.
 III. Distinguish types of Gas.
 IV. See sample of a crude oil specification.
 V. Learn the Steps involved in acquiring crude oil allocation.
 VI. Learn the process involved in Crude oil Refining. 
 VII. Identify Types of petroleum product.
 VIII. Identity Acronyms used in oil and gas transaction and their meaning
 IX. Identify each transaction procedure used in Oil and Gas Transactions.
 X. Learn how to calculate or apportion discount to brokers.
 XI. Distinguish Agents and Facilitators.
 XII. Learn the processes involved in Compression & Liquefaction of Gas. Etc.

This Book is available in eBook and or Paperback editions and it is used as text material for oil & Gas Trade Facilitation Email course by Lean Online International.Get your copies from any of the following Digital Store 
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Publication Date: Jul 26 2016
ISBN / EAN13: 1545334838 / 9781545334836 
ISBN: 9781520268118
Page Count:72
Binding Type: US Trade Paper Perfect Bound on White w/Gloss Lam
Language: English
Color:Full Color
Book Type /Trim Size: Standard Color 8.5 x 11 in or 280 x 216 mm
File Type: InDesign
Duplex Cover: No
Price: 40.00 Currency: USD
Price Included in Barcode: true
Related Categories: Education / Training & Certification
What Readers Are Saying About The Book
“Where were you 10 years ago? This information is golden. Thank you so much for putting this together and making it accessible to everyone looking at saving time and resources in oil and gas transactions” Thank you!”
Godwin Phillips
“I really enjoyed the Oil and Gas Trade Facilitation course using the Oil and Gas Trade 101 eBook. It was more informative than I expected. I picked up several things that we need to look into within our company when buying and selling our petroleum products, crude oil and Gas commodities.” Thanks!” Please take a Minuit and tell us what you thing about the book oil & Gas Trade 101 Review Here
About The Author 

Mr. George C. Durueke, the author of Oil and Gas Trade 101, was born on the 29th of May 1970; he is a respected Christian, an Educator and an Entrepreneur.
He is the Managing Director of Privilege Oil and Gas Services, a Division of privilege securities and investment ltd, a company whose businesses, since inception has been, Financial Services, Oil & Gas services, real estate development and agency He is a major player in the Oil and Gas Industry as he has been in the industry for more than ten year, he has closed series of Oil and Gas deals.
His overriding passion is to make the knowledge of the buying and selling of refined product, crude oil and gas commodities available to interested members of the public. He is making this knowledge available through this eBook: Oil and Gas Trade 101.


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Oil and Gas Trade 101 Book website

Get All The Support & Guidance You Need To Be  A Success At Buying & Selling Petroleum Product, Oil & Gas Commodities.   This...